Don’t you just hate it when you open up that frosty cold beer from the fridge and after a few minutes later, it’s already starting to get warm in your hand? It’s a beer lover’s nightmare and can really ruin your party!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was something quick, easy and even fun to protect your cold refreshing brewski from turning into undrinkable warm beer in minutes?


Our can insulators let you enjoy a whole football, soccer or basketball match, a great party or short getaway with frosty cold brews. These can coolies will keep your drink nice and cool as well as avoid water dripping and rings on furniture.

The hilarious slogan on neoprene insulated beverage cooler make fun conversation starters that are guaranteed to get the party going!


✔ Made from thick 3mm neoprene insulation that keeps your beer colder longer

✔ Only use the best high quality neoprene for ultimate durability and endurance

✔ Fun slogans are printed using superior inks that won’t crack, fade or peel off

✔ Makes an ideal gift for your best buddy who can’t live without a cold beer


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